We are the first AIUM accredited facility in Southwest Georgia, obtaining certification in 2001.  Our state-of-the art ultrasound technology is used to treat both gynecology, obstetric and vascular patient needs. The scans are performed by ARDMS certified monographers.

For our gynecology patients, we perform ultrasounds to determine the cause of various conditions, such as bleeding, pain, fibroids, etc. Breast ultrasounds are preformed to help our radiologists with any problems detected through mammograms. The scans aid in evaluating palpable breast masses and in draining breast cysts.

For our obstetrics patients, we offer complete sonography, from early scans (vaginal) for dating the pregnancy to scanning for structural correctness, along with the baby’s sex at 20 weeks. We can then follow up to assure adequate growth as needed. Our office even has a 3-D/4-D unit for those who would like to see what the baby looks like at 28 – 32 weeks.


For vascular patients, ultrasounds are performed to check for clots in the veins. Additionally, ultrasounds may be performed in patients with peripheral arterial disease (PAD). These type ultrasounds are frequently used after procedures and surgery to monitor stents and grafts for signs of the blockage. Arterial ultrasounds can also be used to check the integrity of the arteries and veins in the groin.