At the Veranda, we offer prenatal care that is modern, evidence-based, and tailored to fit the values and needs of our individual patients. From preconception counseling to neonatal pediatrics, our team is focused on helping mommies and babies achieve their best health.

Your Obstetrical Team

As a regional leader in Women’s Health, the Veranda takes great pride to offer comprehensive and personalized prenatal care in southwest Georgia. Obstetrical ultrasonography at the Veranda is top-notch. The Veranda was the first AIUM-certified ultrasonography facility in southwest Georgia. The designation reassures our patients of the ultrasound quality and physician interpretation. We perform early scans (transvaginal) to date the pregnancy. Later, we check the babies for anatomic correctness at 20 weeks. Many mothers choose this time for a sneak peek to that one question…”Are we having a boy or girl?” Our ultrasound unit provides state-of the art incredible 3D photographs and time-lapse 4D digital video providing an amazing glimpse of your child before arrival! These images are best scheduled between 28 and 31 weeks.