New Phone System Changes

Changes to Help Us Help You!

We have made several changes in the past few days in how we are managing incoming calls. Our goal is to decrease your on-hold wait time and get your needs met faster. The changes have decreased the average wait time significantly.

What you need to know:

There is now a menu of options. From appointments to refills, you can select the reason for your call and get routed to the correct person faster.

In the case of prescription refills, you will be connected to a voicemail with instructions to leave your information and details. Make sure you don’t wait until your medicine is completely out before calling for a refill. This will ensure there is no lapse in your prescription needs.

Our old system was very frustrating. But we are committed to making this process easier for our patients. We want every part of your visit to have the same attention to detail you expect when you meet with your provider. The phone system is no different!