Dexa Scan

Osteoporosis is a gradual process that begins before menopause, yet symptoms don’t develop until after a great deal of bone is lost. Consequently, prevention and early detection are vitally important.

That’s where the DEXA Scan at The Veranda comes in. DEXA is technology in which an X-ray produces an intense narrow beam of radiation that quickly and precisely measure bone density. The scan is simple, painless and lasts about five minutes. During the procedure, you should wear a comfortable, two-piece outfit, preferably without metal buttons, buckles or zippers. You will be asked to lie perfectly still on a table while a moveable arm passes over the area to be tested. Exposure to radiation is minimal, far less than you receive on a commercial air flight or from a chest X-ray. Test results are usually returned within a week. If you are pregnant, be sure to inform your physician before the scan is scheduled.