September 2019 Hot Flashes

September Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

You’ll begin seeing a beautiful shade of teal this month from businesses to individuals who are supporting National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. This cancer has affected many people, from the brave women who have had it, to their families. Take some time this month to access your health in light of ovarian cancer and know the symptoms so you are educated.

One in 75 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and it is estimated that 14,240 women will die this year alone. It is essential to survival that this cancer is detected early, but not all women know the signs as well as they do breast cancer signs and symptoms. In the case of ovarian cancer, the persistence of these symptoms is key. If you experience bloating, pain during sex, upset stomach, the frequent need to urinate, pelvic pain or menstrual changes for more than two weeks go see your doctor. The symptoms can mean a lot of different things so work with your doctor to figure out what the cause is before worrying.

Tailgate Game Changers

Football season is back again. Whether you enjoy the watching the game or not, can we all agree we love the food? Tailgating is the best way to grab the best grub but packing it up and hauling it out to the game can be a daunting task. Here are some quick tips even experiences tailgaters can use:

  • Prep meats the night before including marinating, patting out burgers and skewering
  • Package everything in disposable containers to make for easy clean up so you can head to the game
  • Label your coolers for beer, wine and sodas so people know where to reach
  • Contain your condiments in a caddy or a used six-pack box
  • Bring a large plastic tub to haul back dirty dishes and utensils
  • Think breakfast tailgate for early games including pancakes, omelets, crockpot grits grilled sausage or donuts

Happy tailgating and may the odds be ever in your team’s favor!

Clean Out the Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of your home, so it handles a lot of the germy messes and sticky spills with efficiency. With everyone in your family grabbing and using items, you can forget when certain kitchen staples outlive their usefulness. Cutting boards for instants need to be discarded when they get deep grooves, cracks or discoloration. Your kitchen towels and rags should be replaced every six months and your sponge or dish brush every month or so. The water filter is another item that gets forgotten, and most need to be changed every 2-6 months. So, on the lazy side, you need to change your water filter around your dental cleaning, every six months. Even environmentally friendly items like reusable water bottles and food containers need to be discarded when they start getting discolored or have unusual smells. Plastic can break down over time and release chemicals into your food and drink, the safest bottles and containers would be glass.