COVID-19 Antibody Testing

The Veranda now has the capability to perform in-house COVID-19 Antibody Testing.

Limited Time Walk-Up Antibody Testing at The Veranda
June 8 -11th from 1PM – 4PM
No Appointment Required | Veranda Patients Only

A COVID-19 Antibody test looks for the presence of COVID-19 antibodies, which are proteins made in response to a COVID-19 infection. Antibodies are detected in the blood of people who are tested after an infection; they show an immune response to the infection.

The Veranda has chosen to use the FDA-approved Beckman Coulter’s Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) COVID-19 Antibody test. This test will be performed in our own high-complexity CLIA certified lab by our own trained certified lab technicians. In the studies for the Beckman Coulter’s COVID-19 IgG antibody test, the test showed 99.1% clinical sensitivity at day 14 and 100% at day 18. In other words, this is a very accurate test with rare false positives and false negatives with results in 24 hours or less.

For your convenience, there is no appointment needed for the antibody testing and your labs will be drawn in our outdoor clinic area (the covered pavilion on the right of the building) and you will not need to come inside The Veranda.


Important things for you to know:

  1. This test is conducted via blood draw.
  2. Masks are required at the outdoor clinic and inside The Veranda at all times.
  3. No appointment is necessary.
  4. Results in 24 hours or less. Patients can access results via NEW patient portal account with Priva. If you do not have a portal, you can request a be put on the call list but this may delay you getting your results.
  5. This test can be filed with your insurance company.
  6. During walk-in lab testing, we will ONLY be doing the COVID-19 Antibody test and you will NOT be seen by a provider.
  7. This test is not meant to be used to screen for a current, active COVID-19 infection. If you think you currently have COVID-19, you should contact your doctor for assessment and potential nasal swab testing.

Who Qualifies for the COVID-19 IgG Antibody Test? Click Here

Interpreting The Results: What do they mean? Click Here

Purpose of the COVID-19 Antibody Test
At this time, the full use of the results of this test is unknown. It is in our opinion that, until a vaccine or cure for COVID-19 is available, this is one of the few tools available to us in the reopening of our communities and businesses, as we do not currently know when this pandemic will end. Results of this test should be used in addition to the recommended safety precautions. We do not know if the antibodies that result from COVID-19 will provide someone with protection (immunity) from getting the infection again. If antibodies do provide immunity, we don’t know how much antibody is protective or how long protection might last. Scientists are currently conducting studies to answer these questions. Antibody tests are important for detecting previous infections in people who had few or no symptoms.