Breast Biopsy

The Veranda is proud to be one of the first healthcare providers in Georgia to offer 3D-guided breast biopsy. This procedure uses the most advanced technology available, the Hologic 3D breast biopsy system, and is minimally invasive.

In offering 3D breast biopsy, The Veranda provides the latest in imaging technologies. Paired with new 3D mammography, this biopsy system is able to detect 40% more invasive breast cancers than traditional mammography imaging alone. And, more than 80% of breast biopsies are normal.

There are several key advantages when using this new biopsy technique as opposed to standard X-ray biopsy procedures, including faster targeting and fewer X-ray exposures. This results in shorter patient procedure time and reduced X-ray dose.

Three-dimensional breast biopsies are performed in an outpatient setting and may consist of the following steps:

  • The breast is compressed similar to a mammogram
  • A three-dimensional image is taken to identify the biopsy area
  • The breast is numbed with anesthetic
  • A needle is inserted into the breast to retrieve small tissue samples
  • The doctor may take additional images of the area
  • A small marker may be placed in the biopsy site to help identify the area in future exams.