Birth Control Options

Advances in birth control have provided women with a variety of options and versatility. You can decide whether to administer your contraceptive daily, weekly or monthly or you may choose to make your birth control a permanent sterilization. Talk with your physician at The Veranda to decide which birth control method best suits your preferences and lifestyle.


The Patch is a weekly method of hormonal contraception that is 99% effective. It is applied once a week for 3 weeks; during Week 4, no patch is used. The Patch can be worn discreetly on the abdomen, upper torso, upper outer arm or on the buttock. Wherever you decide to adhere the patch, it stays put – even with humidity, exercise and swimming.


If you decide to use an oral hormonal contraceptive, there are a variety of pills available in different doses. Oral contraceptives should be taken every day, at approximately the same time each day and is 99% effective. 


Contraceptive injections are also a hormonal form of birth control and currently two options are available: a monthly injection and an injection that is given every three months.  A healthcare professional will administer the injection and this method is 99% effective.